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Faevyn has been reading the Faeries' Oracle for over 15 years while also having spent time running a radio show where over 10,000 people listened in and callers got the chance to receive a live card reading. Prices are listed on Ko-Fi at the link above!

A Little Bit of Faery Dust - Faevyn's Streamer Assistance
What Services are Offered? Content Calendar, Sponsorships & Tracking, VODs & Clips, Email Handling & Tracking, Branding Review, Merchandise Implementation, File Organization, and Administrative Tasks
Description of Services. Content Calendar: Create a shared calendar Can contain stream schedule, sponshorship deliverable due dates, co-streams, and more. Sponsorships & Tracking: All stream and deliverable due dates added to the calendar Pre-written social media posts for easy copy/paste when due  Optional financial tracking on a shared spreadsheet
Description of Services. VODs & Clips: Download, rename, and upload stream VODs and clips Sorted by date for ease of use to find Uploaded to the drive of your choice Can be uploaded to Youtube with set schedule. Email Handling & Tracking: With access to your email account events can be added to calendar from email Ensure to be in contact with you about important emails and items that need to be addressed in a timely manner Sponsorship outreach for any company or game.
Description of Services. Branding Review: Full branding look over to discuss vision and possible changes or full overhauls Available to do some graphic work to help bring your vision together Artist outreach. Merchandise Implementation: Research for the right merchandise handler for you based on your specifications Implementation and management of merchandise for special holiday drops Tracking financials as they are made.
Description of Services. File Organization: Find yourself disorganized on your PC? Upload everything you have saved regarding content creation and have them sorted into a Google Drive in easy to access folders or easy to download and place on PC. Administrative Tasks: Is there something else you’d like off your plate? Let me know and we’ll discuss how we can work together to achieve this!
Clients & Testimonials. ThatNerdViolet: "Faevyn has been paramount to my content creation career, especially with my foray into YouTube. With SEO knowledge, a master on Canva, and keen attention to detail, their assistance has significantly broadened my brand."
Pricing & Packages. Consult Determines Pricing: Currently prices are not set, they are flexible I'm willing to work with your budget! I have a lot of time not working right now, so I'm here to help you get more time back!
How it Works: Free consultation call -> Determine package & hours per week -> Invoice sent and paid before work completion -> Daily/Weekly updates shared -> Work completion -> End of work consultation to determine future steps

Send Faevyn a DM on Twitter ( or send a friend request on Discord (Faevyn#4410) to set up a free consultation call today!